"If they play Partition I’m going in!"





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Christmas in Arendelle by ribkaDory
hehehehehe :3 heheheheheheehehe this movie made me so happy, so i’m walking around grinning and singing songs from Frozen two days straight

Elsa decorating Christmas tree with snow ornaments, Olaf being happy to have antlers just like Sven and Anna being cute, because Olaf is a funny snowman ^^

Please please please, if you didn’t like Frozen keep it to yourself and don’t comment here saying how bad it was or how you didn’t like this or that. Because it upsets me and i really liked it, so i’d be very grateful if you don’t do that, thank you very much (:

PS: This post (WARNING it contains spoilers) fits so perfectly to my drawing! They did it after all! Lights are up, decorating Christmas tree together and Anna did let Elsa hang the “star” ^^

Elsa and Anna by mg137b

British GQ 2007
Photographed by Simon Emmett
There is nothing CUTEEEEERRRRR than a Beyoncé photo bomb!


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My thoughts when I heard Edward Snowden got a new job in Russia
Never let a guy treat you less than Beyoncé Unknown

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